"Give me one reason to stay here!!!"

First of all, thanks a million to my favorite local diva, Ria, for posting this.

When I saw it I got goose bumps all over again! Below is the video of the grand finale from the MCPG Launch Party last week. These kids ROCKED, but what most of you don't know is that they were filling in for another singer's case of laryngitis, so they pulled off this amazing performance with a few hours notice!

(And "pulled off" is an understatement. They rocked the crowd's socks off!)

I'm surrounded by amazing talent, I tell you. Thanks again to Ria, Travis Bashor, Michel Gonzalez, Parable MC and the rest of the LBC, - that's Llamabeats crew for those of you that don't know yet! - and here they are one more time performing their extra hot version of Tracy Champman's "Gimme One Reason To Stay Here".


"Thank you thank you thank you, you're far too kind..."

Just sending a quick "Thanks!" to all the friends who helped spread the word about the Magic City Production Group Launch Party! Check 'em out!

Sun Sentinel

Soul of Miami

NBC Miami

Palm Beach Post (PB Pulse)


"All the world's a stage..."

For those of you who attended the Launch Party this week, you may recognize Agustina Prigoshin as one of the two fabulous hosts of the night, alongside Ulises Orozco.

What you may not know is that she is an incredible writer, the Special Events director for the Association for Women in Communications in South Florida, and also the publicist for the event through her company, KOA PR.

Check out the press release she did for the event, and stay tunes for the media coverage that happened after the event!


"A comer pastel, a comer lechon!"

I've been looking forward to writing this post for a while, mainly because it makes so incredibly proud to be able to write it!

I've been advertising all over the place that all of the food at the Magic City Launch Party will be provided by The Empanada Bakery. What I failed to mention is that The Empanada Bakery is my daddy's new catering company!

Ever since middle school when I was able to sell my empanadas that he packed me for lunch for $2, I knew he had something special. Today, those empanadas have brought him to opening a full-scale catering company that provides all kinds of yummy food!

Below is his business card and promotional material (designed by Magic City Production Group, of course!) and I highly suggest you show up early on Saturday before all the delicacies run out!

"Life in plastic, it's fantastic!"

I went to a recent art exhibit where Nikangel's work blew me away. She paints, photographs, designs and also does all kinds of cool crazy stuff with mannequins.

Needless to say, I HAD to track her down for the Magic City Launch Party, and thanks to Twitter (my personal stalker GPS!) I was able to find her. You can imagine my excitement when she agreed!

For the most part, her work speaks for itself so I'll let her do all the talking for a bit. Be sure to check her out this Saturday at Klutch from 9-12pm!

"I've got a golden ticket, got a golden twinkle in my eye..."


Just a quick heads up to let you know that you can purchase tickets for the Magic City Launch Party you've been hearing so much about for $20 either at the door or right here.

Hope to see you there!

"I lean against the wind, pretend that I am weightless, & in this moment I am happy."

I am an avid supporter of studying your craft and striving to expand and perfect it endlessly, but let's face it: some people are just born with natural talent. Such is the case with painter Yamilia AvendaƱo.

At 18 years old, Yamilia shows more promise as an all-around creative mind than most artists I've met. What captivates me most about her work is the way she expresses concepts; more than painting a pretty picture, this gal's got something to say.

Preview some of my favorites below (remember they are pictures of canvases, so it's even more lively in person,) and check her out this Saturday at our Launch Party!

More importantly, I can't wait to see what this lovely lady will bring to the next few years!


"This is a change, a change I can believe in..."

The first thing you'll probably notice when you see songstress Ria is "Daaaayummm!!!" Here's why:

Guess what, though. Aside from being absolutely stunning, charming and brilliant, girly can SING. She blew me away at a recent Haiti benefit concert, and I am unbelievely excited and honored that she and her accompanying guitarist Michel Gonzalez have agreed to participate in the Magic City Launch Party on Feb 13th (Sooo soon! Ahhh!)

When you see her sing live - voice, beauty and personality bursting out at you - I'm sure you'll become an instant fan as I did. Meanwhile you can check her out and even buy some tracks online. You can also find her on twitter, which by the way is my latest obsession!

Here is a video of her singing my favorite of her songs, "Alright" at Van Dyke Cafe on South Beach.