Fall 2010 Bar Review

To celebrate the end of their first law school semester, the students of St. Thomas Law School did the wise thing: they called us!

MCPG put together an epic Pub Crawl (appropriately titled "Bar Review"... get it? Because they're lawyers... HA!)on a 50 passenger party bus complete with a full bar, bartender and - ooh la la! - a stripper pole!

The Pub Crawl's first stop was at the always cool America's Backyard where the party goers enjoyed the open bar, good music, flip cup and beer pong.

Later they went to Art Bar where (sorry guys) the ladies continued enjoying free drinks and some more great music.

All in all, a good night! Special thanks to Kevin Bally, the mastermind behind the plan, and see you in the Spring peeps!

Here are some of the night's highlights:


  1. Awesome set up!! That stretch Limo was on point


  2. I was looking at our pictures from this night and all I could think about is how we need to this again!! That was the perfect way to celebrate right: start the party on the way to the party, then party some more. Thank you so much again for setting up everything. The limo looked amazing and was so much fun and thanks for the drink hookups at the bars. Had a blast!

  3. Everything was set up...all we had to do was show up. We went from place to place and didn't have to touch our wallets because everything was already included. People still talk about how much fun we had that night. More fun than I was able to remember unfortunately!

  4. Big group events can often be difficult to organize and unmanageable. Our host Tati of MCPG proved us all wrong. The bar review was so well put together and had something of interest for every person there.
    -I honestly couldn't believe all of the perks we received (limo, drinks, no cover, bar tender on the bus, perfect mix of different bars etc.) for such a reasonable price!

    Not only would I highly recommend your services to others who are in need of a night of indulgence but can't wait to do it all over again!

    Bring on the debauchery! Bring on MCPG Spring Bar Review Part II!!!

  5. Thanks friends, glad you enjoyed it... working on Spring as we speak! Any special requests???